About C&C Home Group

Our Mission:

To constantly go above and beyond our client's expectations and provide them with confidence in everything we say and do. To always grow, lead, learn and succeed.

Our Values:
Passion, Determination, Commitment

Our Beliefs:
1. Teamwork - Being a team of high minded professionals who work together to achieve more than one can do themselves.
2. Synergy - To combine our efforts and remember that the whole is greater than the Sum of each part.
3. Wisdom - To have soundness in every action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.
4. Growth - To constantly strive for a bigger and brighter future.
5. Exceeding Expectations - To always go above and beyond the call of duty.
6. Motivation - Intense drive to keep going strong.
7. Intent - Being purposeful in achieving what matters most.
8. Interest - Wanting to know and learn about what drives you.
9. Exemplify - Be a team that continuously creates a higher standard by setting examples for others.


Caitlin is the forerunner of the C & C Home Group. She spear heads the team with her bright and energetic, easy going and upbeat personality. She was born with that genuine 'can do' attitude about life, which spills over into her Real Estate business to the benefit of...

Catherine is a vital asset to C&C Home Group based on her professionalism, creativity and knowledge of what sells a homes and her strong communication skills. She is a dedicated, ethical and trustworthy professional. Catherine’s strong business, marketing and...

Meredith’s singular goal is to make every client a client for life. Meredith has been an active member of her community for many years and is so excited to be turning that community focus towards real estate.  Meredith’s background as a personal accountant for an ultra high...